Book Tip Edition Moderne

Oh yeah! Edition Moderne celebrates its 40th birthday in 2021. It is the oldest among the independent comic publishers in German-speaking countries. Titles published by her such as Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, The Sacred Disease by David B. or 120, rue de la Gare by Tardi are among the milestones of the genre.

Fumetto is looking forward to celebrating together with Editon Moderne. Every day during the nine days of the festival, the publisher presents an exclusive book from its program.

The video book tips are both a review and an outlook. It presents Edition Moderne and its rich history based on the titles published to date (almost 400). These impressively convey the diversity, quality and history of Edition Moderne and make current events and spirit legible. Fumetto is proud to introduce all of the wonderful book titles to its audience

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