Richard McGuire, US


daily from 10am to 8pm

Sat, April 14, 1.30pm

Richard McGuire’s Here constitutes a radical reinvention of the comic language. The story does not unfold in a linear fashion (where panels read from left to right) but rather ‘inwardly’ – that is, into the depths of a room. Here is the portrait of a single room and overlapping moments in time within it: each panel acts as a window into stories spanning several centuries. Preliminary publication of the first six (b/w) pages of the book already brought the New York artist wide acclaim and the completed project (a 300-page colour book) was published in 2014. The exhibition provides insights into the creative process and transforms McGuire’s visual play on time into the digital.

Richard McGuire and Jana Jakoubek

Exhibition partner:

With support of Galery Martel in Paris


Miroslav Sekulic-Struja, HR

Life behind the postcard 

Molo Café Bar
daily from 10am to 8pm

Tue, April 17, 7pm

Miroslav Sekulic-Struja (*1976) is inherently a painter whose curiosity has led him into other artistic disciplines. The Croatian born artist finds comics the perfect format for transforming the darker aspects of everyday life into touching stories. He won the Young Talents Contest at Angoulême in 2010 and has continued to develop a poetic universe of his own ever since. Every little detail is crucial in the creations of his stories and his unique use of colour and gouache is unmistakable.
He paints comics with the quiet audacity of those who transgress rules because they do not know they exist. Jean-Pierre Mercier

Thomas Gabison and Jana Jakoubek


Gustave Doré, FR

Comic pioneer 

Kunstmuseum Luzern
daily from 10am to 8pm

Sat, April 14, 11am

Gustave Doré (*1832–1883) was publishing comics before the medium was even officially invented. As a young man Doré developed hundreds of picture stories, innovative sequential narratives in which he experimented with panels and segments of text. The Straßburger became world-famous for his biblical illustrations and illustrations for Dante's La Divina Commedia. One of the most sophisticated of these early comics is his 1854 work L'Histoire de la Sainte Russie. Doré's biting humor and the brutally honest details in his works remain fascinating to this day.

Olivier Bron and Simon Liberman


Jochen Gerner & Fabio Viscogliosi, FR


daily from 10am to 8pm

Sun, April 15, 2pm

Jochen Gerner (*1970) and Fabio Viscogliosi (*1965) are two comic makers in a face-off of graphic experimentation: a minimalist poet and a musician, abstract figures and figurative abstractions. The two French artists walk diverse paths in their transformation of concepts from the plastic arts into the language of comics. In this, their first joint exhibition, both artists’ drawings enter into dialogue with each other, culminating in a series of mysterious stories.

La Véranda

Exhibition partner:


Louise Ducatillon, CH


Christkatholische Kirchgemeinde Luzern
daily from 10am to 8pm

Switzerland is a land rife with comic gems. Each year Fumetto brings one of these precious treasures to the foreground, providing a forum for young talents who, on par with the international artists, get to design a main exhibition for the festival as well as their own publication. Schleuder (slingshot) is the name given to this initiative, reflecting how many artists’ careers have ‘catapulted’ forward on Fumetto energy. In 2018 Geneva artist Louise Ducatillon (*1991) exhibits her latest works. With experimental courage, she harmonises comics with contemporary painting and sculpture. She studied at HEAD (Haute School for Art and Design in Geneva) and won the Caran d'Ache prize in June 2016 for her graduation project there.

Exhibition partner:
Migros Kulturprozent


Anna Sommer, CH

Artist in Residence 

Hotel Schweizerhof
daily from 10am to 8pm

Anna Sommer (*1968) is a master of paper cut illustration. The artist from Zurich has become renown for the incredible details and magnificent colours in her work. When it comes to comics, however, Sommer prefers drawing in ink. In each picture she draws she blends joie de vivre with seriousness, fun and the abysmal in a seemingly effortless fashion. Her works exude a sense of effortlessness with which she plays with the expectations of her readers. She published the graphic novel L’inconnu in 2017 and was awarded the prestigious German-Swiss Cities comic grant. As Fumetto’s artist-in-residence, she can be found working on a daily basis in the open studio, and may even introduce audiences to the art of paper-cutting.

Exhibition partner:
Hotel Schweizerhof, Lucerne


Stars for kids...

and those who once were young 

daily from 10am to 8pm

Sun, April 22, 12am

Children love comics. This comes as no surprise, but (surprisingly) many comic artists (some more discreetly than others) greatly enjoy drawing for children. Among these artists are Richard McGuire (USA), Anna Sommer (CH), Jochen Gerner (FR) and Talita Hoffmann (BR), all of whom are exhibiting at Fumetto in 2018. In an exhibition planned and curated specifically for kids, artists who have made a name for themselves through comics for adults now show work made specifically for the little ones. The exhibition will of course include the opportunity to actually draw: exhibiting artists will be present at specified times to paint with the children in an open studio.

Hans ten Doornkaat and Jana Jakoubek


MAGMA & El Volcàn

Encontro Brazil-Switzerland & South American Comics 

daily from 10am to 8pm

Sat, April 21, 6pm


Two countries, two extraordinary comic scenes, and eight different perspectives merge into a new comic continent in MAGMA. Last summer, in cooperation with Strapazin magazine, Fumetto launched a collaborative exchange between Brazilian and Swiss comic artists. Through collective research and discussion, the artists embarked on an aesthetic journey of discovery across the Atlantic. The results are presented here in Lucerne, (they will also be published in Strapazin and exhibited in autumn 2018 in Saõ Paulo.
Artists: Ampel (Luca Bartulović, Andreas Kiener, Anja Wicki), Rafael Coutinho, Diego Gerlach, Anete Melece, Talita Hoffmann, Corinne Odermatt, Fanny Vaucher, Fabio Zimbres

Talaya Schmid and Jana Jakoubek
In cooperation with Strapazin magazine


South America is rising. This exhibition brings together the hottest comics from countries all over the continent and provides an overview of what’s happening in the world of comics on the other side of the Atlantic.

Alejandro Bidegaray and José Sainz 



Comic competition 

Kunsthalle Luzern
daily from 10am to 8pm

This year's winner comics

What do you really need to be happy? The 2018 Fumetto comic competition encouraged respondents to ponder issues of how we use natural resources. Artists from ages 5 to 75 from over 45 countries submitted comic stories which couldn’t be more diverse: extraordinary escapades and surprising scenarios dealing with questions that affect us all are told with forwardness and insights far removed from their pedagogical counterparts.

Exhibition partner:
Stiftung Mercator, Switzerland



Drawn into crisis 

Zivilschutzanlage Sonnenberg
daily from 10am to 8pm

Sun, April 15, 4.30 pm, Maskenliebhabersaal

In recent years a number of great cartoonists have proven how adept the Ninth Art is in communicating what words alone fail to do. Comics throw light on individuals’ feelings and the human contradictions that lie behind global economic and power concerns in times of war and crisis in a unique and tangible way. "Shelter" brings together artists from all over the world whose narrative journeys document the search for intersections of human experience and world affairs. Approaches are manifold: In comic journalism individual drawing style is paired with facts as closely as possible, although some topics are so incomprehensible that only through complete works of fiction can they be adequately explained.
Artists: Guillermo Abril/Carlos Spottorno (ES), Hussein Adil (IQ), Mohammed F. Aouda (IQ), Berliac (ARG), Patrick Chappatte (CH), Guy Delisle (CA), Mark Thomas Gibson (USA), Sarah Glidden (USA), Ahmed Hossam (EGY), Ali Jassim (IQ), Olivier Kugler (D), Julia Marti (CH), Barbara Meuli (CH), Michaela Müller (CH), Sebastian Pampuch/Andreas Hedrich (DE), Hamid Sulaiman (SYR), Judith Vanistendael (BE), Mohamed Wahba (EGY), Mais Yasser (IQ), Zerocalcare (IT)

Jana Jakoubek

Exhibition partner:
Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)

Please note special opening hours.


Street Art

Balz Bosshard 

daily from 10am to 8pm

Wed, April 18, 6pm

Fumetto takes to the street. Art movements merge and the walls come alive with stories from the city. For the 27th edition of the festival, Fumetto has provided a wall in Lucerne and the jury has selected a corresponding artist to bring his/her idea to life on its surface over the course of the festival. Go forth and be amazed!





Wir suchen für die nächste Ausgabe im April 2019 eine Projektleitung Personal.
Alle Infost zum Job findest du im Stellenbeschrieb.

Wäre schön, von dir zu hören.

Die Deutschschweizer Städte Basel, Luzern und Zürich schreiben zum sechsten Mal Comic-Stipendien aus.

Eingeladen sind Autorinnen und Autoren, die klassische oder experimentelle Formen des Mediums Comic berücksichtigen. Die Vergabe findet im Rahmen von Fumetto Comic-Festival Luzern  statt.

Insgesamt werden ein Haupt- und ein Förderstipendium und ein ausgeschrieben. Vergeben werden total CHF 30'000. Einsendeschluss ist der 15. Februar 2019.

Alle Informationen und die Anmeldung findet ihr hier.

1. Natalia Sajewicz, PL
2. Helmut Germer, CH
3. Vincent Moreau, FR

CATEGORY 2 – 13 TO 17
1. Hannah Schweizer, CH
2. Maksim Klopfstein, CH
3. Estella Bonin, CH

1. Fabian Wenger, CH
2. Ema Sebkova, CZ
3. Guillaume Randoux, BE

Patrick Bonato, AT

Check out the winner comics of 2018 

Als Amici unterstützen Sie den wichtigsten Comic-Anlass in der Schweiz und somit vor allem junge, innovative Comic-Kunst. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Engagement mit einem einzigartigen Festivalerlebnis.

Firmen-Amici ab CHF 750.–
Super-Amici ab CHF 200.–
Amici ab CHF 100.–
Amici-Piccolo ab CHF 50.–

Informationen zu den einzelnen Kategorien und Anmeldung direkt hier

Fumetto 2019: 6. bis 14. April