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Bastien Vivès, Masterclass

Bastien Vivès is a master of graphic narratives. As a leading figure of new French comics, his publications such as “Polina”, “Lastman” or “A taste of Chlorine” have gained recognition worldwide. Being his first graphic novel, the latter won the Angoulême Festival Revelation award in 2009. Under the lead of Bastien Vivès the legendary Fumetto workshop continues after notable artists as Ulli Lust, Chris Ware, Ben Katchor, Charles Burns, and many others. The oneweek masterclass is open to artists and students of art colleges. The space is limited.

Information and application

In collaboration with the Illustration department at the Lucerne School of Art and Design

Cooperation: Éditions Casterman

Event in French / English





For the first time ever: Swiss Criminal Code illustrated!

A co-production from Fumetto and

Fumetto is illustrating the Swiss Criminal Code - and we need you to do it!

Together with Fumetto is decorating the Swiss Criminal Code (StGB). And you can apply today! We’re looking for artists, illustrators and painters who will draw pictures in order to illustrate and shape the different articles in the Criminal Code.

Apply now and draw one or multiple articles. Give the Swiss Criminal Code the makeover it so desperately needs! In total there 74 articles, that we need illustrated. Pick on (or two or three) and draw them! In the end we will pick one drawing per article and publish it in our online version of the law on You can apply for multiple articles and hand in a drawing for each.

In the PDF you’ll find all the info you need. (sorry, german version only)

-> french version

Our annual Fumetto Comic Competition is launched.

Sign up here and send us your comics by January 4, 2020.

We are looking forward to it!

The Satellite-Exhibitions gives artists a opportunity to present their art to a broad crowd of festival visitors and interested people.

We are looking forward to you appliance until the 30th of october 2020.

Apply here.

Als Amici unterstützen Sie den wichtigsten Comic-Anlass in der Schweiz und somit vor allem junge, innovative Comic-Kunst. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Engagement mit einem einzigartigen Festivalerlebnis.

Firmen-Amici ab CHF 750.–
Super-Amici ab CHF 200.–
Amici ab CHF 100.–
Amici-Piccolo ab CHF 50.–

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