The Ampo reading comprises two lists based on a selection of texts from El Eternauta (1957-59). In Héctor G. Oesterheld's graphic novel there are always adjectivisations of two pertinent elements: Them and the snow. In a three-part synchronised reading a game of crossovers begins, and the meeting of the two elements unites to form a single common message.

Concept: Martín Vitaliti

Reading: Martín Vitaliti & Un Faulduo

Event in Spanish/ English

20.30The world a zooReading 

St. Magdalena restaurant

Dreams are but schematics and idea chambers for storytellers. Renowned Lucerne illustrator Christoph Fischer has translated a medley of his dreams into impressive, large-format pictures which are on show at the exhibition Christoph Fischer: Der Welt abgeschaut (the world through my eyes) at the Cartoonmuseum Basel as well as in the publication While I was sleeping. In this comic reading, Fischer takes us on a surreal journey, whirling up our notions of both reality and everyday life.

Cooperation: Cartoonmuseum Basel and Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel

Admission: free

Satellite exhibition at IG Kultur

Corresponding exhibition at the Cartoonmuseum Basel: March 21 - June 1, 2020

14.00–15.00D’Chatz isch zur SouReading 

Sentitreff, Saal

In the children's book D’Chatz isch zur Sou Yves Noyau and Matto Kämpf take the subject of death literally: When do we kick the bucket? What do the radishes look like from below? Will we really be finished when we finally bite the dust? What do you think? Watch and listen as the two artists read from their book.

Kids 8 years and up

Admission: free

An exhibition based on the book can be seen at Goldschmid Stutz.

Cooperation: Verlag Der gesunde Menschenversand





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