Podium discussion

12.30–13.00Gustave Doré – COMIC GENIUSPodium discussion 

Kunstmuseum Luzern

Gustave Doré (1832–1883) is famous the world over as a printmaker and illustrator of works of world literature. He had already made a name for himself in his youth with his acerbic and humorous illustrated stories reflecting Parisian society. These early works marked one of the first milestones in comics. This event is a discussion and comparison of Doré’s works with those of his contemporaries Rodolphe Töpffer and Cham.

Simon Liberman (curator & publisher, FR)
Olivier Bron (curator & publisher, FR)
Raphaël Oesterlé (Comic-historian, University of Lausanne, CH)

Eric Facon (Culture journalist Radio SRF, CH)

event in English / French

16.30–17.30Of Comic and ConceptsPodium discussion 


Conceptual comics have been a seminal feature of sequential art for many years. Works which are abstract in form and content raise questions about the predominantly pictorial-narrative context of comics. Celebrities of both the avant-garde and younger generation provide insight into their thought processes, revealing how the excavation and concealing of elements brings them closer to the essence of their works.

Richard McGuire (US), Jochen Gerner (FR), Fabio Viscogliosi (FR), Louise Ducatillon (CH)

Moderation: Lars von Törne (DE) journalist

event in English / French

15.30–16.30Shelter – Dealing with the Present-DayPodium discussion 


Wars, crises, flight and migration are all issues defining our present-day. Populism and polemics have become the core of political decisions worldwide. We are confronted with fragments of these issues on a daily basis, and this mostly from afar. How do artists tackle these themes? How do they bring us closer to violence, despair or rebellion? What techniques are used in comics, animation or photo reportage to communicate these brutal realities?

Guy Delisle (CA), comic artist, Hamid Sulaiman (SYR), comic artist, Carlos Spottorno (ES), photographer, Patrick Chappatte (CH), comic artist, Michaela Müller (CH), animated filmmaker

Moderation: Lars von Törne (DE), journalist

event in English

presented in cooperation with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders

10.00–13.00World Comic ForumPodium discussion 


In vast areas of the western world, the comic business is a million-dollar industry and illustrators are celebrated as stars. In other areas of the world, however, production, content, distribution or even the existence of a comic scene is quite a different matter. Comics are instead used as subversive reflections of underground culture and/or political activism; Grassroot comics reflect individual concerns, while digital comics call out for resistance to restrictive regimes.

Sharad Sharma (Comic-activist, World Comics, IND), Hussein Adil (Comic artist - Mesaha magazine, IQ), Alejandro Bidegaray (Publisher - Musaraña libros, ARG), Ahmed Hossam (Comic artist, EGY), Daniel Jimenez (Head of Entre vinetas, Medellin, Columbia),

Moderation: Lars von Törne (DE), journalist

event in English

16.00–17.30Histórias em Quadrinhos – The Brasilian comic scenePodium discussion 


Brazil is often seen as its own continent within South America. The enormous breadth of the country and the unique linguistic traits of the Portuguese have long perpetuated a sort of isolation: even for neighbouring countries the Brazilian comic remains largely unknown territory. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely for this reason Brazil offers up a incredibly diverse landscape of the Ninth Art. The creativity of its comic scene has reached fever pitch, made evident through the MAGMA exhibition.

Rafael Coutinho, Diego Gerlach, Talita Hoffmann, Nik Neves, Fabio Zimbres

Lars von Törne (journalist Tagesspiegel, DE)

Event in English





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1. Natalia Sajewicz, PL
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CATEGORY 2 – 13 TO 17
1. Hannah Schweizer, CH
2. Maksim Klopfstein, CH
3. Estella Bonin, CH

1. Fabian Wenger, CH
2. Ema Sebkova, CZ
3. Guillaume Randoux, BE

Patrick Bonato, AT

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