Podium discussion

14.00El Eternauta: The Restless Time TravelerPodium discussion 


El Eternauta is a survivor from the future. With a small group of resistance fighters, he defends Buenos Aires against invaders from outer space. One night, he appears to the illustrator who records his story for posterity in an extensive graphic novel. The series from the 1950s by Héctor G. Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López anticipated the dictatorship in Argentina. It is still read, published in new editions, studied, and exhibited today. What is it that keeps El Eternauta from resting even after 60 years?

Performance: Martín Vitaliti

Un Faulduo (ARG), artist collective; Martín Vitaliti (ARG/ESP), artist; Nacha Vollenweider (ARG), comic artist; Laura Caraballo (ARG/FR), comic scholar; Johann Ulrich (DE), publisher, avant-verlag

Moderator: Lars von Törne, journalist, Tagesspiegel, DE

Event in Spanish/English

14.00El Fin del Mundo - Comics vom Ende der WeltPodium discussion 


Seven strong voices talk about what it means to live and work in Argentina as a comic author or publisher. How do comic artists address the political shift to the right and economic insecurity? How can they effectively raise public awareness about emancipation, resistance, dreams, and nightmares? In the panel on the exhibition El Fin del Mundo, the illustrators in attendance discuss their positions and offer uniquely in-depth looks at the contemporary comic scene at the other end of the world.

Comic artists: Pablo Besse, Pablo Boffelli, Powerpaola, Roberta Di Paolo, Jazmín Varela, Nacha Vollenweider, Alejandro Bidegaray (Verleger Musaraña libros), José Sainz (Kurator/Verleger)

Moderator: Lars von Törne, journalist, Tagesspiegel (GER)

Event in Spanish/ English

15.30Hot Stories – Eroticism in the “Ninth Art”Podium discussion 


Drawings are magical. They can create a distance to events and make them digestible, or they can tease out emotions. Comics can arouse desires or be provocative. For ten years, the erotic cult series BD-CUL has been inflaming passions in lighthearted and ingenious ways. Simon Hanselmann’s depressive transgender witch Megg drops her clothes. Artists and other creative minds from the hot side of the cultural scene talk about the blunt representation of desire. What are the freedoms and where are the limits? How can the medium of drawing, how can art show sexuality in thoughtful ways? Where can it be frivolous and push the boundaries, and where does censorship step in?

Cizo & Felder (FR) Verleger Les Requins Marteaux, El Don Guillermo (FR/ESP) Comic Zeichner/Verleger Misma Editions, Simon Hanselmann (AUS/US) Comic-Zeichner, Aude Picault (FR) Comic Zeichnerin, Talaya Schmid (CH) Künstlerin/Kuratorin Porny Days, Jazmín Varela (ARG) Comic Zeichnerin

Moderator: Jenny Rieger (DE/CH), journalist/producer, Fuck me in the Ear

Event in Englisch

15.30The Travel Bug and Its Side EffectsPodium discussion 


Comic artists need an incredible amount of perseverance. They turn over ideas in their mind, they polish scenarios, discard details, reduce or embellish, balance text and image until it all adds up. They usually spend endless hours alone at their drawing table. Then they go outside in search of inspiration and new paths. And sometimes, they go really far away. Illustrators talk about their experiences in foreign countries and about encounters with colleagues from all corners of the globe.

Luca Bartulovic (CH), Andreas Kiener, Maurane Mazars (CH/FR), Corinne Odermatt (CH), Eva Rust (CH), Nacha Vollenweider (ARG), Anja Wicki (CH)

Comic reading with Olesya and Tamri (RU)

Moderator: Lars von Törne, journalist, Tagesspiegel, DE

Event in German/English/Russian





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