Special Edition


Christoph Fischer, CH

Während ich schlief 

In 041 - Das Kulturmagazin

A crab eats a beetle, crows are trapped in a cage, caribou gallop next to floating trees, a carpet is burning on the floor, a dinosaur is at the end of a staircase. Christoph Fischer tells of such and countless other events in his dream images. The Lucerne artist, draftsman and illustrator has been recording his nightly dreams in his sketchbook shortly after waking up for over 10 years. These sketches are implemented in large-format pencil drawings. Short texts, felt pen sketches and notes complete the book. «Christoph Fischer's dream drawings are surprising, strange and strange. Things come together that don't belong together, proportions shift, materials behave in an unusual way, time passes differently. Christoph Fischer succeeded in telling his night thoughts in this simultaneously individual and universal language of dreams.»* We are pleased to present his comprehensive work to the Fumetto audience. On 8 pages in the March issue of Lucerne's 041 culture magazine, we give those interested an insight into the work of Christoph Fischer.

* Text from Christoph Fischer's book Während ich schlief by Anette Gehrig, published by Christoph Merian Verlag

Cooperation: Cartoonmuseum Basel


Pierre Wazem, CH

Artist in Digital Residence 

Maskenliebhaber Saal

March 20 – 28, 3 pm – 4 pm

Online, livestream from the Maskenliebhaber Saal in Lucerne

Pierre Wazem, born in Geneva in 1970, published his first comics in the fanzine "Sauve qui peut" (Save yourself who can). As an author and caricaturist, he switches from caricature to realistic drawing, alternating between personal work and collaborations as a screenwriter. He paints theater sets, designs frescoes for private individuals or institutions, draws for improvised concerts by the pianist Michel Wintsch, writes and illustrates animated films, illustrates children's books, draws in the press and for two years he has been running a weekly comic column in L'Illustré magazine and soon also for a renowned French weekly newspaper. He teaches and transmits his energy at the Ceruleum de Lausanne in the international bachelor's degree course Bande Dessinée et Illustration. His 30 comics are translated into a dozen languages. He's been working at the Lolos studios in Carouge-Genève for half his life, almost every day. For Fumetto this year he will be drawing live and up close for one hour as Artist in Residence. The result will be short stories from Lucerne, which will then appear as the last chapter in his latest book: "Les auteurs en festival" by Atrabile.

You can find the pictures from the live sessions here.


Maurane Mazars, CH

Fumetto Schleuder: «Otres» 


March 20 – 28

Click here for the Schleuder.

A strange city, no inhabitants far and wide. But all the more animals. The adventure begins. The illustrator Maurane Mazars has a particular sensitivity towards animals. These and the experiences of her three-month stay in Buenos Aires play a major role in her story. Maurane Mazars lets the poetry of everyday life and small gestures resound in her watercolors. The exhibition and publication of the Fumetto Schleuder are a valuable tool for introducing up-and-coming talents from the Swiss comic scene to a wide audience. They allow a unique look behind the complex scenes of the artistic production. This year the project is particularly aimed at a young readership. On the Fumetto website we give the audience a complete insight into the finished book. And the author impressively tells what she experienced during the time in Buenos Aires and how the book came about.


Edition Moderne

4 Decades of Avant Garde 


March 20 – 28, 10 am

Klick here for the book tips.

Oh yeah! Edition Moderne celebrates its 40th birthday in 2021. It is the oldest among the independent comic publishers in German-speaking countries. Titles published by her such as Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, The Sacred Disease by David B. or 120, rue de la Gare by Tardi are among the milestones of the genre. Fumetto is looking forward to celebrating together with Editon Moderne. Every day during the nine days of the festival, the publisher presents an exclusive book from its program. The video book tips are both a review and an outlook. It presents Edition Moderne and its rich history based on the titles published to date (almost 400). These impressively convey the diversity, quality and history of Edition Moderne and make current events and spirit legible. Fumetto is proud to introduce all of the wonderful book titles to its audience



Anda, CH

Street Art 


March 21 – 28, 10 am – 12 pm

live on the Reussinsel and online as a photo gallery here!

Fumetto takes to the street and lets gray walls bloom in color. Fumetto presents Anda, a street art talent from western Switzerland. Anda lets the history of the local Reussinsel flow into her work and stages it artistically. Painting will take place during the festival, and every step of the work can be admired live. Photos are uploaded to the website every day. This means that the whole world can watch how a new mural is created. An outdoor comic is created, one that will last forever.

Cooperation: UntergRundgang, Luzerner Maler, Sax Farben



Without borders 


March 21 – 28

Walls and fences are told about. From limitless possibilities in thoughts, dreams or in the imagination. About the longing for freedom in difficult and hard times when you feel trapped. Short comic stories on a limitless number of and enormously different topics. Sometimes lavishly drawn, illustrated, painted and glued. Or told in simple lines with just a few words. The creative responses to our competition announcement are limitlessly diverse and colorful. There are funny, sad, imaginative and serious things to discover. Fumetto has received around 670 works from all over the world. The topic «without borders» has motivated many illustrators. 40 works were nominated. All nominees and winners can be seen and admired exclusively on the Fumetto website.

Have a look at the winners

Prix MSF



on Censorship 


Friday, March 26, 1pm – 4.45pm – ONLINE

It is about time we talked about visual art and censorship. We live in strange times and the concept of censorship – so clear and obvious only a short time ago – is now being twisted and appropriated by fringe groups for their own needs. Sure, not every voice deserves to be heard but who deserves to be silenced and who will decide? In a joke, a cartoon, a drawing, a performance power and its subjects meet for a brief moment on equal terms. That’s the agreement. The artist has to be aware how to use his or her power, no excuse is acceptable. Avoiding banality as much as avoiding sadness. But for power to silence one person is to silence a multitude. As Turkish cartoonist Kart said at his trial: Cartoonists are like canaries in a coal mine – when they fall silent, you know politics are getting toxic.
Censorship comes in many forms, from self-censorship to online character assassination, from litigation to imprisonment, from intimidation to the threat and use of blunt violence. How do artists think about boundaries and what is the brave and what is the foolish thing to do when you are faced with one or more of these threats.

Our speakers report from personal experience with censorship and will share their reactions and the strategies they developed. With Patrick Chappatte (CH) cartoonist and comic journalist, Martin Rowson (GB) cartoonist, Ilan Manouach (GR) artist, curator and researcher, Xavier Löwenthal (BE) author and publisher, Baris Uygur (TUR) publisher and cartoonist, Powerpaola (ECU/COL/ARG) comic-artist and activist.

Moderator: Marcy Goldberg

In collaboration with the Illustration department at the Lucerne School of Art and Design

Event in Englisch




In the streets of Lucerne 

Sales start: Wed, March 3rd

Who doesn't know GasseZiitig ?! So far, you have been able to read and marvel at many stories in GasseZiitig, which ends up in a wide variety of hands, throughout the canton and beyond, depending on the situation. Fumetto takes the opportunity and works together with GasseZiitig for a project due to Corona - and thus creates the first take-away exhibition. Far beyond the borders, this is brought to all sorts of hands in increased quantities. This special edition is of course called Gassetto and has a special goal: to make street stories tangible as comics. This is a one-time project and has never been implemented in this form. The Gassetto shows that even in difficult times the possibilities are almost limitless. She bridges social boundaries by bringing artists, viewers, and people together on the street and putting their stories on paper for everyone as a comic.

The stories were drawn by: Andreas Kiener, Conradin Wahl, Leonie Rösler, Melk Thalmann, Michael Kühni, Roland Burkart, Vanessa Hatzky

You have a good chance of getting a Gassetto at the following places: Helvetiaplatz, Theaterplatz, Rathausplatz, Schwanenplatz, Löwenplatz, Mühleplatz, Nature Museum

Cooperation: Verein Kirchliche Gassenarbeit Luzern



All over the city of Lucerne 

March 10-28, throughout the city of Lucerne

The Fumetto Festival is accompanied by its satellite exhibitions. These too are under the sign of Swissness and present the works of local artists throughout the city. From experimental graphic novels and postcards from New York to life-size cardboard figures, the various satellites offer an in-depth look at the range of the Ninth Art in Switzerland. Over 40 localities, shops, restaurants and bars are there and offer unique exhibitions and opportunities to interact with the medium of comics.

Click here for the Satellites.


Co-Mix Remix

Fumetto Comic Shop 

Co-Mix Remix

Comics as far as the eye can see! Fumetto is working with the comic shop Co-Mix Remix and offers another access to the ninth art. A wide range of comic books, vinyl records and other discoveries await you at Pfistergasse 11. Especially for Fumetto they are increasing their range and presenting the works of our satellite artists. In addition to great advice and expert opinions, a great atmosphere awaits you. So if you haven't had enough after a tour of the satellite exhibitions or would like to delve deeper into the world of comics, a visit to Co-Mix Remix is ​​warmly recommended.

Mon-Wed, 10 am-7 pm
Thu, 10 am - 8 pm
Fri, 10 am - 7 pm
Sat, 9 am - 5 pm






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