Goodbye Festival 2021

See you soon!

O = j (‘ç3eee - the fumetto is over again!

Many thanks to all of you – it was almost like before – thanks to you! We had a lot of fun with the colorful comics in various formats: same same, but different! Thanks to the flexibility of the locations, the artists, the bookstore, the helpers and all those involved and, last but not least, the visitors, it was a special experience!

We wish you a very nice year and hope soooooo that we can greet you all live and personally next year. And before anyone asks: yes, we will be here again next year and we will put a lot of effort into spreading the comic and making this, many people very happy.

But Fumetto also stays on the ball in other ways, be it with comics in the newsletter RonOrp or with the Swiss criminal code. The Comic Chat Cafe will also stay – we will soon announce in which form we will use it. And, of course, you can still view all festival content on our website.

So we make sure that you don't miss anything until April 2nd, 2022, when it will hopefully be until April 10th: Fumetto is back in its old form, with new ideas and content – personally and live.

Very warmly - your Fumetto team

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© Mia Oberländer

Meet you at April of 2nd to April of 10th in Lucerne!