Satellite Tours


Comic fun for the whole family! Accompanied by adventurous princesses, desert foxes on a world tour or experiences in East Africa, we walk through the most family-friendly satellite exhibitions at Fumetto. And if you still have enough energy after the tour of Lucerne's old town, we recommend our “extended version”. This leads us to four other satellite exhibitions in Neustadt, where, with a bit of luck, we can buy a Gassetto from a streetvendor on Helvetiaplatz.

Here you can find the pdf for Family Fun.


The city of Lucerne is colored to and fro. Various artists have made use of forms other than classical comic stories and show special aspects in the art of comics in this walkthrough. From street art to aesthetic illustrations and pictures, a wide range of options in the comic field can be viewed here. And all in a lot of colour.

Here you can find the pdf for Planet Colourful.


This tour through the satellites showcases classic but by no means boring comic art. Clear lines and sporadic splashes of color determine the overall picture. Comic stories with elegance, posters in various designs and self-designed postcards offer an insight into the classic art of comics.

Here you can find the pdf for Comic Classics.


Probably the most varied tour through the Fumetto satellites. From interactive letter manufacturers to collective exhibitions on common topics and street art, all facets of the ninth art are represented here. Fumetto is open to new, traditional and experimental things and everything can be represented here. A varied tour through the treasures of comic art.

Here you can find the pdf for Hodgepodge.






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Meet you at April of 2nd to April of 10th in Lucerne!