Fumetto Competition 2020

Fumetto Comic Festival Lucerne annually publishes a competition. It should offer comic creators the opportunity to face an international comparison and present it to the general public.

Winners  2020

Categorie 1  (18 years and older)
Platz 1 Stronzo Strips, Bern CH
Platz 2 Ghita Remy, Brüssel BE
Platz 3 Anton Ohlow, Berlin DE

Categorie 2 (13 to 17 years)
Platz 1 Weda Federspiel, Zürich CH
Platz 2 Irina Iukhno, St. Petersburg RU
Platz 3 Oliver Gabriel, Lauterach AU

Categorie 3 (up tp 12 years)
Platz 1 Linus Mühlebach, Luzern CH
Platz 2 Helena Prison, München DE
Platz 3 Rocko Kern, Zürich CH

Best Scenario
Daniel Schwartz, Zürich CH

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Competition topic 2020

All is networked!
We connect us with other people, the clima is linked with the whole globe and for some of us, the heating at home is connected with the cellphone. How we do get connected – no matter if voluntarily or unavoidably – is still individual at the moment. But how is that in the future: what is the benefit of more networking, where does this lead us to? What is the advantage, what are the risks? How do we handle networking in the future?
Draw us your comic, that includes the topic «networked» in any form.


Sébastien Gnaedig, Publisher Futuropolis
Johann Ulrich, Publisher avant-Verlag
Eva Rust, Comic Illustrator
Wazem, Comic Illustrator
Franziska Burkhardt, City of Bern, cultural departement


Cat. 1: 18 years or older
Cat. 2: 13 to 17 years
Cat. 3: up to 12 years of age Reference date is the deadline


Sign in with the registration form «Schools».
Enclose a list with names and details (see «Labeling») of the participating students and information about school, class, teacher, e-mail and telephone number.


Forty to fifty comics will be nomina- ted by the jury and shown in the exhibition during the festival, those not nominated will be shown in folders.

The Prizes

Fumetto will award three prizes in each category. There will also be a prize for the best scenario, regardless of the categories. The festival’s visitors will be able
to vote for the peoples choice award.


Fumetto assumes no liability in case the work sent to us is lost, or damaged. Fumetto acquires the using rights of all submitted works. In particular, Fumetto is entitled to use all submitted works, as well as parts of it, for journalistic coverage, selfpromotion and/or possibly for reproductions in publications or a touring exhibition. Unless the sender instructs otherwise, Fumetto is entitled to pass on the addresses of the comic creators.






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We are looking forward to your comic!



© Mia Oberländer

Meet you at April of 2nd to April of 10th in Lucerne!