Fumetto Competition 2022

© Mia Oberländer

Each year, Fumetto Comic Festival Lucerne holds a competition to give comic creators the opportunity to compare their work, present it to a broader public and to exchange views with others.

Theme 2022

This year's topic:  SUPERPOWER

SUPERPOWER is the courage it takes to change the world. SUPERPOWER lies in being different, in diversity, in creativity and of course, within the power of comics. SUPERPOWERs are the small gestures that lead to bigger things taking flight. SUPERPOWER means autonomy and responsibilities for our environment, for our fellow people in it, for your own talents. SUPERPOWER is the first step into something new, into something untold.

SUPERPOWERs are inside the Fumetto Comic competition, which is going around the world for the tirtieth time, thanks to your story, and bringing us all a little bit closer


the jury will be announced soon



Individuals register here to take part in the competition 2022.

School classes register here to take part in the competition 2022.



Cat. 1: 18 years or older
Cat. 2: 13 to 17 years
Cat. 3: up to 12 years of age (reference date is the deadline)



When and where the winners will be published will be announced soon on our website.

In addition, all nominated comics are shown here as a digital exhibition.



Please read our Conditions carefully






Here you find all information to our competition



We are looking forward to your comic!



© Mia Oberländer

Meet you at April of 2nd to April of 10th in Lucerne!